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View Installation and Usage instructions for the Helmet Assisted Radar Detection -H.A.R.D System.

View Installation and Usage instructions for the LEGAL SPEEDING Sportbike Radar Detector Mount. View the illustrated guide for mounting the Sportbike Radar Detector Mount to your windscreen


Helmet Assisted Radar Detection (H.A.R.D.)

H.A.R.D. System What is H.A.R.D.®?

  • H.A.R.D. is the acronym for Helmet Assisted Radar Detection - H.A.R.D. is based on 'Line of Sight' theory: placing critical information within your field of vision. See product photo gallery
  • Inside Helmet Visual Alert - Instead of a blaring speaker or a faint light, H.A.R.D. provides an immediate visual alert: a flashing LED light , inside the helmet that is illuminated within your field of vision allowing immediate recognition of radar.
  • Self-contained Electronic Unit - H.A.R.D. consists of two miniature devices. A transmitter that broadcasts to a receiver within the helmet.
  • Accessory for Radar Detectors - H.A.R.D. is designed as an accessory to all the leading radar detectors.
  • Wireless Device - H.A.R.D. eliminates clumsy wires formerly needed to provide critical information inside the helmet.

H.A.R.D. System Why is H.A.R.D.® Good?

  • No Wires - H.A.R.D. utilizes wireless transmission for critical date: the radar detector warning alert.  No need to have tangled wires or a clumsy earpiece.
  • No Modifications to Helmet or Radar Detector - The H.A.R.D. transmitter simply plugs into your radar detector and the receiver inserts between the helmet pads.
  • Same Benefits as Military HUD - Heads Up Display allow pilots to keep their eyes on the target. H.A.R.D. allows you to keep your critical target in sight: the road.
  • Designed for Motorcycling Conditions - Intercoms, music players, earplugs, and road noise overload our ears. H.A.R.D. provides a visual alert viewable wherever your eyes are looking.
  • One Radar Detector for all Vehicles – H.A.R.D. is an accessory for existing radar detectors. No need to buy a separate radar detector for motorcycling.
  • Can Fit Sunglasses and Windscreens – H.A.R.D. is not only for full face helmet riders. Future versions will be designed for all types of helmets and rider preference.
  • Freedom to “Ride Your Ride” – The road is in front of you. A black ribbon wrapping around curves and cutting through scenery. Instantly the bike launches from the intersection. Go Fast, Get H.A.R.D.
Product Price
H.A.R.D. System For Escort 8500, 7500, 6800 & S-2 Radar Detector

H.A.R.D. System For Valentine One Radar Detector $160


sportbike radar mount Sport Bike Radar Mount

Having never found a good radar mounting system for the traditional cafe style fairing seen on most sport bikes, we decided to produce one.  Made out of a single piece of aircraft quality billet aluminum, the strength and functionality of our mount will allow you to have your radar detector inside your windscreen.  By placing the detector closer to your line of sight the transition between viewing the road and detector is made safe.  Available for immediate purchase exclusively through CycleGadgets and RadarBusters.



Product Price
Sport Bike Radar Detector Mount $50


New Safety Products Coming in 2003!

  • Helmet Mounted Stop Light - For rider safety and additional protection when slowing or stopping your motorcycle.  Details to be available in April. Available for purchase in the April / May time frame.

  • Helmet Mounted Marker Light - To help you become more visible to those following. Designed for both road and off-road use.  Perfect for younger group riders, four wheelers, and snowmobiles.  Details to be available in April.  Available for purchase in the April / May time frame.

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