MH20 Motor Jean, Waterproof Jeans

MH20 Motor Jean

"Ignore the Elements... Enjoy the Ride!"

Waterproof JeansDESCRIPTION:

MH2O Motor Jeans are the first ever 100% cotton waterproof jeans designed for the motorcyclist. The MH2O Motor Jean allows a rider to 'Ignore the Element and Enjoy the Ride.’


1. 100% Waterproof Jean – The MH2O Motor Jean has been independently tested to be a waterproof product.  Now you can continue your ride knowing the jeans being worn provide protection from the primary frustration for many riders: unexpected rain.

2. 100% Cotton Jean – The MH2O Motor Jean is made from 100% cotton.  This provides a comfortable ‘breathable’ jean so a rider will not perspire.

3. Made in the USA – Most apparel has left the USA for cheaper production, not the MH2O Motor Jean.  Be assured that your investment in a pair of MH2O Motor Jeans is an investment in America.

4. Product Warranty – If the MH2O Motor Jean ever fails to perform, you can return the jean and we will either retreat or exchange the jean.  When is the last time you bought a pair of jeans that had a warranty?

5. Patented Technology  - The MH2O Motor Jean has patented technology that makes it unique in the marketplace.  This means that no other jean you purchase will protect you from the rain like the MH2O Motor Jean.

6. Relaxed Fit  - The MH2O Motor Jean is constructed to offer a relaxed fit for riding.  This provides a rider with a comfortable jean for both riding and relaxing once the ride is complete.

7. Gusset Design – The MH2O Motor Jean offers the comfort of a gusset crotch design.  The gusset design provides added comfort for the rider in a key area.

8. Eco-friendly Care – The MH2O Motor Jean requires minimal cleaning efforts to keep the jean performing as designed.  Cold water washing on the short cycle using 1/2 the normal detergent, and drip-dry finishing saves time and energy.

9. Multiple Colors – The MH2O Motor Jean is available in two colors: Blue and Black.  This provides a choice in color so you can look your best on the road.

10. Female and Male Sizes – The MH2O Motor Jean is available in both female and male cuts.  This provides a more exact fit for both women and men.

11. Finished Inseam Sizes – The MH2O Motor Jean comes with finished inseam lengths.  This means the jean is ready to wear right out of the box.


The MH2O Motor Jean represents the next generation in rider protection.  Built around the patented technology of being able to waterproof cotton fabric, the MH2O Motor Jean offers waterproofing that until now was only found in uncomfortable rain suits and membrane-fitted clothing.  The MH2O Motor Jean benefits from a high temperature, total emersion process that treats the cotton fabric at a core level.  The process can be applied to the uncut fabric or to a finished jean.

The MH2O Motor Jean is one of the highest quality jeans on the market.  To quote the manufacturer:

"We build the best Motor Jean on the planet. Guaranteed!" - Richard McConnell, President McConnell Hall Manufacturing

Made of 14 oz denim, the MH2O Motor Jean begins life being made from heavy-duty material.  A five-pocket design utilizing rivets and double stitching in key areas lends itself to a long life jean.  A seven-count belt loop design illustrates the attention to detail in the MH2O Motor Jean.

waterproof jeans

waterproof jeans

The MH2O Motor Jean is the first evolution of the patented MH2O technology.  With MH20 Technology the water just beads up and rolls off. It doesn't matter if you get splashed from a passing vehicle or you decided to go riding in a heavy downpour, when you get to your destination, your jeans and what you wear under them will be dry.





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